GPS: Maps Navigation & Traffic.. Awesome


Over 10+ million downloads and counting. All-in-one free maps app with simplest and fastest GPS maps and directions powered by Mapbox
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Feb 1, 2023
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GPS: Maps Navigation & Traffic.. Awesome App

GPS: Maps Navigation: Over 10+ million downloads and counting. All-in-one free maps app with simplest and fastest GPS maps and directions powered by Mapbox

Key Features:

• Real-Time GPS:

Travel with voice-guided real-time GPS navigation, directions, transit, and automatic best route suggestions.

• Offline Maps & Directions:

Trusted by many travelers for downloadable offline maps, directions, and Navigation powered by HERE maps.

• Live Traffic Alerts:

Reach destination faster with real-time traffic updates, driver assistance alerts, simple driving directions, and road incidents.

• Explore Places:

Find a gas station nearby and eat around you and find uber to destination

• Weather Alerts:

Check the local weather forecast and plan your day

• Speedometer:

Helps you stay within the speed limit

• Select Language:

Select your preferred language for easy Navigation and directions.

• Mapbox SDK:

Detailed maps of all countries from Mapbox

Mapbox GPS Map app & Navigation

is for people and vehicles with live traffic, lane guidance, turn by turn navigation, and precise location data to change how we navigate the everyday world. Mapbox powers Navigation for people, vehicles, everyone, and everywhere.

Mapbox GPS navigation maps reveal the world around you with a powerful routing engine, voice-guided directions, traffic updates, intuitive turn-by-turn directions, and interactive maps to help drivers build engaging driving and the best navigation experience. All these features factor in real-time traffic information while you’re driving, including the current speed limit, so you’ll know exactly how long until you arrive.

Choose between real-time or offline GPS navigation and directions and reach your destination faster and easier without hassles. With traffic driving, cycling, and walking direction modes, our GPS app makes it easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly to find the ways to your destination with your choice of Navigation.

Turn-by-turn navigation:

Our turn-by-turn directions and navigation feature guides you to your destination with audio and visual (voice navigation) help along the way when you’re on the move.

Traffic aware routing:

Live traffic automatically finds the fastest route even as conditions change along the way. Get to your destination faster with instant GPS routing directions to avoid traffic and save you time.

Precise location tracking:

Enhanced location engine cleans up conflicting GPS live data to provide consistent positioning and movement on the map, so you’ll know exactly how long until you arrive at your destination.

Report a traffic accident:

Users can safely and efficiently report an accident, hazard, or speed check along your route.

Offline maps & routing:

Download offline maps specific to your region and navigate freely and easily without the internet. HERE maps power our downloadable Offline maps.

Accurate Weather:

Our weather option, along with navigation abilities, will help people and businesses make the best weather-impacted decisions.

Customize & favorite:

Customize by selecting your language and GPS location and adding favorites for faster directions and Navigation and saving time. Share the customized locations with your friends and loved ones.

What we offer currently:

GPS navigation, Live maps, Offline maps, Meet me in the middle, Live Traffic, Weather, Explore places, Location, Language, Save, Share, Direction, Speedometer, Sound meter, Forex rates, Compass, Find Uber, Transit and more…

Coming soon:

1- Android auto-powered maps on your car display.
2- Find parking nearby
3- Find a charging station
4- All hands-free. Voice messaging
5- Family Tracking

Legal information:

We do not store any personal information, and our app does not require you to sign up for use.

Any Questions?

Please email us @ [email protected]
Thank you for being so supportive—drive Safe.

This GPS app is one of the best GPS apps. Download it now for free.

Customer Reviews

Katherine Young

So far my experience has been really positive, her voice is clear. She repeats instructions when necessary and on time (I don’t know spatial distance well (for ex. 900ft, I just know that is soon, so I need the voice to tell me when to turn if I’m unfamiliar with an area). I have gotten where I need to go when I use Maps. I’m a Google fan.

William Robert

It does everything my Garmin did and a little bit more. If you have a decent internet it’s really good, every so often you’ll get directions a tad off, otherwise it’s very good. There’s not much in the way of configuration, you can’t adjust or change the voice and the default is robotic and un-inventive, TBH I have had passengers whom have asked me to turn the app off just because of the voice. You do have a handful of configuration options, Public Transit, Walk, Auto… Tolls, etc.
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