Musicolet Music Player.. Amazing

Varies with device

Musicolet Music Player is the greatest music app  PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE INSTALLING 1. This app can organise and play only the local audio files which are stored on the internal storage or SD card. 2. This app can not stream/download/search new music online.
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Sep 9, 2022
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Musicolet Music Player.. Amazing App

Musicolet Music Player is the greatest music app


1. This app can organise and play only the local audio files which are stored on the internal storage or SD card.
2. This app can not stream/download/search new music online.


Musicolet is simple, light yet powerful music player with all essential music playing features with some advance features like…

Multiple Queues

Now it is possible to create/manage one Queue while listening songs from another Queue. Musicolet is the only music player in android market which supports multiple Queues. You can create maximum 20 Queues.

Simple GUI with Minimalistic design & Easy navigation

For fast and easy navigation we placed all important components of the app (like Main player, Queues, Folders, Albums, Artists, Playlists) in just one row. So you can access them with just 1-Tap!

1- ✅ Tag editor+: Can edit tags and album-arts of multiple songs at once.

2- ✅ Move/Copy songs, Rename folders directly in app.

3- ✅ Create Synchronized Lyrics.

4- ✅ Save Bookmarks and Notes.

5- ✅ Add/remove a song to >1 playlist, from notifications, widgets and even from lockscreen

6- ✅ Folder browsing 📁
2-types of folder structures: 1) Linear (all folders at once) and 2) Hierarchical(folders within folders)

7- ✅ Powerful Equalizer🎚🎚🎚: Separate presets and settings for Speakers🔊, Headphones🎧, Bluetooth etc.

8- ✅ Gapless playback

9- ✅ 🎧Earphone controls🎧
Single click for pause/play. Double click for next and Triple click for previous song. On each press >=4 you can Fast-Forward the song.

Embedded Lyrics + LRC support

Supports offline lyrics embedded in audio file as ID3 tag. You can edit embedded lyrics from tag editor. Musicolet also support .lrc files for synced lyrics.
(Note: Musicolet doesn’t fetch lyrics automatically from internet. You have to manually write or paste lyrics in tag editor, if there is no embedded lyrics. It doesn’t fetch lrc file automatically. For lrc files, You have to find lrc file from internet, put it in the same folder and rename to exactly match it with audio file name manually.)

Sleep timers

2 types: 1) close app after hh:mm time or 2) close app after N songs.

Add shortcuts

of any album/artist/folder/playlist to your HomeScreen (Launcher) app.

Stunning Widgets

Lock Screen

(with controls, Queue and Lyrics)

Audio formats supported:

mp3, m4a, wma, flac, opus, aac, alac, ape, dsf and many more…

✅ 🚘 Android Auto support 🚘

From your ‘Android Auto’ enabled car, you can control music and access your playlists, queues, folders and whole music library.

✅🎉Change notifications appearance🎉

✅ You can also enable Fast-Forward and rewind buttons in notifications from settings.

Light and dark themes

Backup and Restore

Automatic and Manual backups. Restore settings, playlists, play-counts from any backup anytime on any device.

And much more…

🚫No Ads🚫

Ad-free forever, for all users. 🤩

No internet permission, Completely offline

Musicolet doesn’t even use Internet permission (a.k.a. network access permission). (You can check this in ‘App permissions’ at the bottom of this description in Play Store.) So it cannot send/receive even a single bit of data to/from the internet. Not even in background. Full respect of your privacy.

Dedicated to Music lovers 🎶 all around the world. 🌎
Created with love ❤, lots of code and sleepless nights. Hope you will like our work.


Do you love collecting music and listening to them on your mobile phone or android devices? Thus, we have looked for you with Musicolet that is perfectly compatible with Android devices. With that being said, we have also reviewed its pros and cons, price, what platform it supports, what audio file formats it can play, its audio playback settings, and functions, and most especially, what can be the best alternative audio player to it. As a result, you can evaluate and discover if this audio player is relevant to your needs. Thus, you will also know what it can truly offer and benefit you.

This Music app is amazing music and Podcasts app. Downlaod it now and enjoy your time.


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What's new

v 6.4
+ Create "Synchronized Lyrics" in the Tag Editor.
+ Add Bookmarks/Notes (in Now Playing › Options menu).
+ Option in Sleep-timer: Gradually fade out volume of the last song

v 6.3
+ [PRO] Volume normalization using ReplayGain; and ability to calculate RG of any audio file.

v 6.2
+ Different Equalizer settings for each bluetooth device.

v 6.1
+ Change the number of frequency-bands in Musicolet equalizer.

👉 Read more in the App › Help and info › "What's new".



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